Project: Landslide rehabilitation on regional road R1308, Pretor – Markova Noga

Client: Public Enterprise for State Roads – PESR

Short description of the contract: Massive concrete construction which included the construction of a concrete foundation in length of 200 meters, height of 2 meters and 6 meters wide, ie installation of concrete for foundation 2,400.00 m3. Complete organization of the construction site (traffic regulation, arrangement and construction of access roads), excavation of land in wide excavation of material IV and Vta category, construction of embankment of earth material, machine drilling of F1200 piles (with a length of 5.00 m 8 , 00m and 12,00m), construction of the upper line of the road (crushed stone and two layers of asphalt), reinforcement of AB piles, overhead slab and retaining wall and concreting of the same. Trial loading of the piles and installation of inclinometers for landslide and retaining wall auscultation. About 5,000.00 m3 of concrete and 700.00 tons of reinforcement were installed for the complete concrete construction.