Stenton Construction is a socially responsible company that especially cares about environmental protection.

In that direction, we are working on the preparation of planning documentation for the construction of an infrastructure complex for the purpose of E3 (recycling, treatment and storage of waste) which provides for the processing of old car tires by pyrolysis (ie heat treatment).

As the only ones in our country, we will contribute to the cleaning of waste from old car tires throughout the country. We envisaged working with a capacity of about 2000 tons of tires per year, where as a product we would receive pyrolysis oil, soot and waste steel wire whose products will be used further in the industry.

Stenton Construction is also an investor in the preparation of planning and other documentation for the construction of photovoltaic power plants for the production of clean environmental energy obtained from the sun.

The produced electricity is planned to meet a small part of the electricity needs in our country.